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Evolution Program




A whole-being focussed program focussing on mental, physical, spiritual and external life transformation, the Evolution Program is for experienced inner workers.


This 6 month program builds on the work achieved in a first immersion with Awakened Lifestyles. We recognise that the action takers, the doers and the seekers of 'more' crave connection, community and accountability.


Those who want more from their relationships, bodies, minds, hearts and souls, themselves are willing to continue the work and up-level their growth.


This is a program for those who believe there is a special energy in the universe and want to tap into it. Those who deep down, know they’re here to contribute positively to the world. To connect on a deeper level. To find serenity in stillness. To honour themselves.


To EVOLVE so far beyond their limits that we know we’re really alive. This is your EVOLUTION.

What's included:

  • Private high-level training delivered via our website/app

  • Our advanced daily practice to support your evolution

  • Weekly Monday night InnerFit Sessions

  • Coaching options from 1:1 to small group sessions

*only available after completing 12 months of Immersion programs including the Awakened Lifestyles Deep Dive

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