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Advanced Inner Work = Moving from ME to WE

If you’re someone who’s done ‘the work’ on themselves you know first hand that the first part of your journey is centred around you, your goals, your gaps, and working through your stuff! 


It’s all about YOU…. and this is what gets you such transformational results... for a while at least…


At some point though in order to continue to grow and experience both contentment and success at all new levels, the journey has to move from being about ME  to being about WE.


An advanced inner worker is connected to a sense of purpose that is greater than themselves. 


What does moving from ME to WE actually mean?


It’s when you start bringing others on the journey of inner awakening for THEIR benefit


It’s when you want those close to you to be happy and content just as much as you want that for yourself


It’s when you provide hope and inspiration just by being you


and whenever the opportunity presents itself, you offer support and guidance to those around you…

How can I begin this journey of moving from ME to WE? 

If you think about your own journey, you know that it was likely a problematic situation that brought you here


and for many of us, that problem was isolating, painful and difficult to face


Moving from me to we means that we are available to share the message of inner work with people in our family, friend and community circles 


particularly when they might be going through their own inner battles.


We do this by asking people how they are really going and holding space for them to share authentically


We do this by offering understanding, empathy and listening without trying to fix anyone


We do this by sharing our own experiences of overcoming adversity and doing our own inner work


Where we were when we started, what we had to overcome and work through, and what life is like now


We are continually surprised at how much more effective this style of connection is to offering our opinion or solutions.


Advanced inner workers suffer from ‘gold buddha’ syndrome- people seem to want to be around us in the hope we rub off on them


When we connect in the manner above whilst also embodying our own inner work 2 things start to happen by default


#1 - We become a beacon to those around us. People may not often know why but they seem to want what we have. 


This is not an ego stroke but an honour and it’s in these moments that we can truly change the course of someones life. In turn, changing the lives of their circle over time.


#2 - We begin to see inner turmoil inside people we know and we know that inner work can help overcome this


What if I know someone who needs to do their inner work?


While the urge to give advice can be great, we know from our own experience that the best thing we can do is gently suggest they do the work on themselves.


This is where WE are here to support YOU… 


As a previous client of Awakened Lifestyles you personally hold an exclusive key to unlocking big shifts for your loved ones


Anyone in your circle whom you introduce to us directly skips the queue and gets free access to the top of the tree


That is, a free intro session with a Director level coach (Ant or Eve) with no obligation to do any ongoing work  


Simply by using your good name. 


This isn’t available for general enquiries, but this is a way that WE can add to the ripple effect in your life and the lives of your loved ones


To facilitate this we’ve made it super easy for you…

How to:

After sharing your own inner work journey and offering the opportunity to get direct and free access to Awakened Lifestyles leadership for a one off free session,


You can cc your loved one 3 way email directly with Ant using the following script: 


(simply copy and paste the below into an email with your loved one and ant directly on with the subject: Awakened Lifestyles Introduction)

Example Email

Hey ___(friends name)___


I’d like to introduce you to Ant, he is the founder and director of Awakened Lifestyles and has told me he’d be happy to personally see you for an initial chat, completely free of charge at a time that suits. 



Ant, __(friends name)___ is a friend of mine and going through some big stuff at the moment. I shared with them the profound impact Awakened Lifestyles has had on me and suggested it might be worth having a chat. 


Over to you guys. 

Our Promise to You

1- We will give your friend rockstar VIP treatment contacting them promptly, skipping the regular triage process and getting them into a session with Ant rather than an onboarding consultant

2- The purpose of this session will be to give them mind blowing value. They will leave with new awareness, insight and relief.

3- They won’t be pressured to buy anything from us. If we can help, we will offer help. If we can’t, we will help them find someone who can.

4- Your story is yours to tell. We will never share details of your work with us with your friend or anyone else. Ever.


Some Helpful Hints


  • Tell them a little about the process you went through, what to expect and to only focus on the next step

  • Remind them that it’s often normal to want to postpone this next step but encourage them to avoid this by just taking the first step

  • Suggest that they only need to focus on the next step. Just reply to the email introduction and consider an into session. That’s it.

  • Prior to their first session Eve will contact them directly and explain how the program works, pricing (should they wish to continue) and answer any q’s they might have


Why This is Important For You Also


By being a beacon and ambassador of inner work you subconsciously hold yourself to a higher standard. When we speak about being the best version of ourselves we are more likely to live up to that person. 


Also, a rising tide lifts all boats - by having others in your circle committed to being the best version of themselves you automatically level up also.


It’s literally a win-win-win for all. 


Lastly, thank-you for being a part of our movement and a dedicated inner worker. 


The world is literally better with you in it.


Over to you.


Ant & Team

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