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Higher Powered Humans Group Coaching Program

What is the Higher Powered Humans group program all about?


Think, feel and act like the best version of yourself.

Build your version of success through a foundation of inner peace without stress or self imposed limits.

This group coaching program is offered as a combination of online course work and a weekly small group session led by a coach - this program is for anyone, anywhere! We work with people all over the world.

What you can expect from your 6 months in this program:​

  • You will be free from the blocks that held you back from reaching your full potential

  • You will have a practical framework to attract and deepen loving relationships

  • You will be a healthy and positive role model to your children and family

  • You will have more time for you, to do the things you’ve always wanted 

  • You will have deeply connected relationships

  • You will know your purpose

  • You will be free from insecurities and fears around money, relationships and self image

  • You will be the person on the inside who has the power to create the exact life you want

  • You will wake up each day inspired, grateful and with a positive expectancy

  • You will know a peaceful, clear mindset

  • You will have a grateful, open heart

  • You will experience freedom from your past and end generational trauma and dysfunction

  • You will know genuine self love and this will show in your physical body

  • You will feel connected to life, your purpose and a loving power in the universe that has your back

    If applied...

  • You will be able to manifest anything you desire, with guaranteed success

To find out more about joining our Higher Powered Humans Group Program, BOOK A CALL NOW!

The Details - 6 Month Higher Powered Humans Group Program 


  • Identify the exact things keeping you stuck and have a step by step process to be rid of them forever.

  • Be walked through the 3 stages of inner work transformation from A to Z and how to apply it to your life.

  • Create a lifestyle routine where you have time for all the things you know you 'should' be doing eg; meditation, self care etc.

  • Understand, face and break through any blocks that limit you currently in a simple and realistic way while building self esteem and self worth.

  • Integrate our bespoke self parenting process to gain mastery over your mindset and emotions, leaving you in charge of your life.

  • Learn how to live in line with your values and no longer abandon yourself.

  • Make peace with your past, let go of limiting beliefs, drop insecurities like they’re hot.

  • Become more productive and get faster results in less time with our proven daily intentions process.

  • Understand the common mistakes and patterns people run that keep them having inconsistent results even though they’re 'doing all the things'.

  • Learn the formula for success in any endeavour that works in every area of your life.

  • Make self love and self esteem tangible parts of yourself more than just buzzwords that you don’t really know how to achieve.

PLUS:  Work with your coach within your group session to delve deeper and witness others' transformation to gain key insights.

PLUS: The entire 3 stages of inner work laid out in a methodical, step by step video series. All the stuff you need to know, without the fluff, ready for you to transform. Listen, watch, read, write - whatever works best for you. The videos have accompanying inner work questions and workbooks to deepen your learning.


PLUS: Access to our private app where you have all Awakened Lifestyles coaches at your fingertips every day and a community of like minded individuals.


PLUS: Access to weekly InnerFit Sessions: This is a group session each week where we come together and learn, share, connect and transform through integrating different inner work topics and principles. Our coaches attend this and we are in the process with you, giving you unparalleled levels of connection and insight. Members who attend this regularly get the very regular side effect of being asked “what have you been doing? You seem so vibrant, happy, different… it’s working!”


PLUS: Space to share: As little or as much as you like. Wanna join us by sharing your intentions daily by being supported by the group? Want to be held accountable each week to check in and see how you’ve been tracking?

What it looks like:

So, while there are a number of moving parts to the program, in reality it's quite simple.

Step one: Complete the  Foundations course within the Mighty Network.

Step two: Once completed, join us for the weekly coaching session each week.

Step three: At the end of each week, complete your 'perfect week process' and await feedback from our team to ensure you are showing up as the best version of yourself.

Beyond that,  set an intention to show up with an open mind and open heart.
Be willing to be led and commit to doing what you said you would do. 


If you apply the above to the best of your ability, you can expect nothing less than irreversible change in the form of a life and sense of self that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

Enquire about our High Powered Group Program and we’ll be in contact shortly.

For enquiries please contact our Director Eve directly on 0406 651 860 for a confidential call and to find out more about pricing and programs.

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