About us

Our mission:

Our mission is to awaken people to a certain type of living only available by doing inner work.

Our program inspires awareness and courage to take committed action toward intentional living. It is possible to feel happy and content... Every. Single. Day.

This is the power of inner work.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where all beings feel connected to a life of purpose and deep fulfilment. A world where inner work is as common and is considered as important as outer work.

Who are we?​


We are a team of qualified inner work coaches with a passion for helping others achieve, succeed and feel their best.  We believe in freedom, honour and self-love.  We are genuine, empathetic and passionate about the wellbeing of others.  We nurture a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and an environment of support, collaboration, acceptance and quality relationships.

Meet the team

Anthony Noud

Co-Director & Head Coach

Anthony is an industry leading coach working with high functioning humans and high performers for over a decade. Having overcome teenage heroin addiction, obesity and a life long story of 'not good enough' to be a high performer himself, reaching peak performance as Natural Heavyweight Mr Qld in 2015, coaching thousands of people in Nutrition & Mindset to now leading an industry leading Inner Work coaching business with a team of coaches leading thousands of individuals to live and perform at their best.
Anthony has a definite talent for taking people from where they are, helping them breakthrough whatever is holding them back and reaching exactly where it is they want to be. He is a sought after coach for high functioning humans, a key note speaker, father, mediation advocate and conscious business leader.

Eve Wilson

Co-Director & Business Manager

Eve's is a remarkable story... from a high functioning corporate existence, to making the decision to change her life after a Breast Cancer diagnosis in her early 30’s, Eve now lives a life of presence and awareness in line with her own values. She inspires us, and everyone she meets, every day. Eve’s own Inner work journey has seen her fearful of being out of control and alone in life stemming from feeling “not good enough” to now living from a place of love, surrender, acceptance and self-compassion. Eve feels that inner work and meditation have completely changed her life!

Eve is Anthony's partner in business and life. She is a Mum to their 2 year old son Axwell, while co-leading the Awakened Lifestyles team. To say that she is a powerhouse would be an understatement! Eve's business leadership and project management background is one of the pillars of this business.

Em Davidson

Senior Inner Work Coach & Coach Lead

From an eating disorder, to substance abuse and addiction, to overcoming her 'not good enough' story - Em is nothing short of inspirational!! We adore the contribution Em makes, not only to the Awakened Lifestyles, but to the world. And her clients agree.

Her own inner work journey has been extraordinary, she shows up to life with courage, authenticity, vulnerability, love and connectedness and holds space for clients in such a way that they feel safe, nurtured and able to fully express themselves and become their best self.

You'll be just as blown away by Em as we are! 

Cat Valentine

Senior Inner Work Coach

From pain, to passion and purpose, Cat Valentine is a Senior Coach at Awakened Lifestyles. Personally Cat has overcome her fair share of emotional and physical adversity, including personal and familial mental health and addictions, health concerns and marriage breakdown. Seeking help via Inner Work has been key to her own recovery and that of her family. Moreover, Cat’s personal transformation lead to her finding her true purpose - serving and supporting others to uncover their own transformation. 


Cat’s professional experience is vast - she is an educator, coach and trainer. She is qualified in multiple coaching modalities, and as a Senior Coach, she is especially skilled in coaching Awakened Lifestyles Inner Work. The results Cat consistently guides her clients to are incredible - and an absolute testament to her commitment to making the world a better place! 


Cat’s story is living proof that is possible to be happy and content every single day! Cat's experience of walking away from a marriage that was no longer working and transforming her relationship with powerlessness now enables her to be a tower of strength and empowerment for her clients.  

Rowan Wallace-Hill
Inner Work Coach

Rowan is an Inner Work coach and facilitator. Whether in a group setting or 1 on 1, Rowan’s passion for exposing and developing the capabilities within people shines through in every interaction. 
With a background in leading large teams in the Operations Management space, working with multinational organisations such as Arnotts and Asahi Beverages, Rowan brings a wealth of leadership and team development experience into his coaching. This combined with his natural and intuitive approach offers a unique coaching experience for his clients.
When Rowan lost his Mum to an accident when he was 18 years old, his world was turned upside down. From this tragic event, Rowan began a journey of personal discovery which saw him travelling the globe, navigating the world of toxic masculinity and eventually finding his purpose. He has attended  Men’s workshops, retreat weekends and conferences, Rowan soon realised the only way for him to be truly happy in life was by working on himself internally. This soon developed into a desire to support others with their own inner work.  Bringing more human connection to the world is something extremely close to his heart. 
Rowan’s caring and intuitive approach creates amazing breakthrough moments for his clients.  His passion for getting the best out of the people he serves shines through.

Hayley Lam

Inner Work Coach

Starting off her career in the legal world, Hayley went onto run her own business in the fitness industry coaching a range of clients to live holistic, active and healthy lives. Hayley then went onto study and work in Occupational Therapy working in adult rehabilitation with patients and their families, with a variety of diagnosis and disabilities.

Whilst both roles brought her much joy, Hayley’s passion for serving others and making a difference in people lives’ grew stronger, wishing she could work with her clients on a much deeper, connected level. It wasn’t until the birth of her second daughter where she experienced unexpected, crippling post natal depression and anxiety, that she found Awakened Lifestyles as a client. This completely changed the trajectory of her life. Having completed her own 6 month Immersion Program and experiencing first hand the incredible transformation she knew she had to share Inner work, and the company’s mission and vision with the world. Hayley underwent professional Awakened Lifestyle’s Coaches Training, together with other coaching accreditations and is a true leader in the coaching field. Hayley’s huge smile and grounding presence can be felt a mile away!

Sarah Davis

Inner Work Coach 

Sarah has been in the health & wellness industry running her own business for over a decade helping people overcome their inner roadblocks (like anxiety) and awakening them to their true nature. She’s worked with people all over the world leading workshops, online programs and one on one coaching.

Prior to stepping into her true calling as a coach & meditation teacher, Sarah had a long and successful career in financial services marketing with multinational companies working across the globe. After a major ‘ah-ha’ moment 7 years ago, she decided to radically adjust her life and completely move away from the stress of the corporate world to follow her passion for healing via working through blockages in
the body and mind.

She now works with clients by fusing multiple modalities including coaching psychology, buddhism, meditation and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to bring them into full alignment with themselves. Sarah is completing her Masters in Applied Buddhist Studies and is the founder of a worldwide meditation program. She’s been featured in The Huffington Post, news.com, nine.com, Triple J, The Daily Telegraph, Executive Style Magazine, Women’s Health and ABC Radio.

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Allie Crombie

Sales and Marketing Manager 

Allie suffered from extreme anxiety with regular panic attacks for a number of years. Also living a bit of a double life of being a "wholesome" yoga teacher running her own studio to then partying hard on the weekends. After walking away from a marriage and a business, she knew things needed to change and has been on a huge self discovery journey since.

Through her inner work she has gotten to know herself at a much deeper level. This has had an impact on how Allie lives day to day now, in line with her values and doing what's important to her. Now finally being able to live a life that feels free and more authentic.

The friendly face (or voice) that you will first interact with upon coming to Awakened Lifestyles; Allie wears many hats. Her friendly, warm and optimistic nature will have you feeling comfortable and safe from the get go!

We couldn't do what we do without her!

Simmone Helander

Operations Support Coordinator 

Simmone has a background in industries ranging from Commercial Property, Infrastructure, Health and Beauty working for large ASX listed companies but they never quite felt right.  It wasn't until she stepped into values based living and re-connected with her true self that brought her to Awakened Lifestyles as a client. Simmone feels Inner work has completely changed her life and has lead Simmone down the path of radical self love and acceptance, and overcoming feelings of “not good enough”.

Simmone juggles many roles with the Awakened Lifestyles business including the Client Experience, HR as well as overseeing the day to day Operation and Project delivery.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and is definitely the hugger in the team.  Simmone welcomes everyone with a warm smile and open arms.