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About us

Our mission:

Our mission is to awaken people to a certain type of living only available by doing inner work.

Our program inspires awareness and courage to take committed action toward intentional living. It is possible to feel happy and content... Every. Single. Day.

This is the power of inner work.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where all beings feel connected to a life of purpose and deep fulfilment. A world where inner work is as common and is considered as important as outer work.

Who are we?​


We are a team of qualified inner work coaches with a passion for helping others achieve, succeed and feel their best.  We believe in freedom, honour and self-love.  We are genuine, empathetic and passionate about the wellbeing of others.  We nurture a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and an environment of support, collaboration, acceptance and quality relationships.


Meet the team

Anthony Noud

Co-Director & Head Coach

Anthony is an industry leading coach working with high functioning humans and high performers for over a decade. Having overcome teenage heroin addiction, obesity and a life long story of 'not good enough' to be a high performer himself, reaching peak performance as Natural Heavyweight Mr Qld in 2015, coaching thousands of people in Nutrition & Mindset to now leading an industry leading Inner Work coaching business with a team of coaches leading thousands of individuals to live and perform at their best.
Anthony has a definite talent for taking people from where they are, helping them breakthrough whatever is holding them back and reaching exactly where it is they want to be. He is a sought after coach for high functioning humans, a key note speaker, father, mediation advocate and conscious business leader.

Anthony was recently recognised as one of Queensland's Top 40 under 40 inspiring young leaders 2023.

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Eve Wilson

Co-Director & Business Manager

Eve's is a remarkable story... from a high functioning corporate existence, to making the decision to change her life after a Breast Cancer diagnosis in her early 30’s, Eve now lives a life of presence and awareness in line with her own values. She inspires us, and everyone she meets, every day. Eve’s own Inner work journey has seen her fearful of being out of control and alone in life stemming from feeling “not good enough” to now living from a place of love, surrender, acceptance and self-compassion. Eve feels that inner work and meditation have completely changed her life!

Eve is Anthony's partner in business and life. She is a Mum to their son Axwell and daughter Edith, while co-leading the Awakened Lifestyles team. To say that she is a powerhouse would be an understatement! Eve's business leadership and project management background is one of the pillars of this business.

Em Davidson

Senior Inner Work Coach & Coach Lead

From an eating disorder, to substance abuse and addiction, to overcoming her 'not good enough' story - Em is nothing short of inspirational!! We adore the contribution Em makes, not only to the Awakened Lifestyles, but to the world. And her clients agree.

Her own inner work journey has been extraordinary, she shows up to life with courage, authenticity, vulnerability, love and connectedness and holds space for clients in such a way that they feel safe, nurtured and able to fully express themselves and become their best self.

You'll be just as blown away by Em as we are! 

Hayley Lam

Inner Work Coach

Hayley comes with 16+ years coaching and therapy experience. She’s a qualified occupational therapist, inner work coach, personal trainer, breathwork and reiki practitioner. 

She’s worked with hundreds of humans throughout her career, both in Australia and abroad. From professional sporting teams to busy corporates, diagnoses to disabilities, she has a passion for human connection and working with people to live meaningful, fulfilling, conscious lives. 

Hayley also shares a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and lived experience in the area of postal depression and anxiety.  It was through this lived experience, she found Awakened Lifestyles and the modality of inner work which not only saved her life, but completely changed the trajectory of her life.  This has Hayley on a mission to share this work with the world. 

Hayley is a true leader in the coaching field.  Her huge smile and grounding presence can be felt a mile away.

Lisa Jones

Inner Work Coach

From a keen interest in people and psychology at Uni to enduring her own acute debilitating mental illness in her mid 20s and then significant physical health issues in her mid 30s to now, Lisa’s story of transformation is nothing short of remarkable. Over the past two decades she has dedicated herself to understanding her own inner landscape and transforming it to live her best life every single day.


During her career, Lisa has worked across various senior roles leading people, 12+ years in public mental health working in lived experience roles advocating for people and systems change; and most recently as Director of Lived Experience in one of Brisbane’s largest metropolitan mental health services. Alongside her corporate career Lisa is a qualified and practicing yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, bio resonance therapist, energy kinesiologist and inner work coach.


It is clear that supporting people on their journey to awakening and transformation is not something Lisa does, it is who she is! As a coach with Awakened Lifestyles, Lisa lives her passion and purpose integrating her lived experience to support others to transform their lives too.

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Ceri Ford

Inner Work Coach

Ceri came to Awakened Lifestyles after 5 years as a client with patterns of trying to have it all that led to workaholism and burnout, and programming of needing to achieve in order to be loved. She learned how to feel her feelings, despite all the fear and anxiety that started to come to the surface through a challenging and unexpected divorce.

After working in marketing, events and hospitality for two decades at high profile venues and brands, Ceri has most recently held leadership and mentoring positions at organisations supporting and encouraging women in the hospitality industry. Since studying and immersing herself in the world of health, wellness and personal development, Ceri has turned her passion and energy toward inner work.

Ceri holds a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences and a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine). She also has a number of coaching qualifications including being a certified Awakened Lifestyles Inner Work Coach, gained through her 10 years in the coaching industry. She still loves to explore Brisbane's food and cultural scene while embracing a slower, more peaceful life.

Laura Boicos

Operational Coordinator

After finishing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Laura embarked on a journey that led her to the world of the NDIS as a Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach. Guiding individuals with diverse psychological disabilities, Laura's empathetic approach assists them in navigating their daily lives with empowerment.

Laura's life path took an enlightening turn when she encountered Awakened Lifestyles. This encounter revolutionised her perspective on life, serving as a catalyst for her personal growth journey. Now, Laura is a strong advocate for inner work, committed to achieving her best day, every day. Her passion for self-discovery, combined with her profound comprehension of our mission, makes her an invaluable member of our community.

Laura's insights aren't solely derived from her academic achievements but also from her lived experiences. Her own journey through challenges and triumphs equips her with a unique understanding of the transformative power of inner work. With unwavering dedication, Laura actively contributes to Awakened Lifestyles, fostering an environment where individuals can explore their inner worlds, foster personal evolution, and embrace life's limitless possibilities.

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