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Awakened Lifestyles facilitated weekly group sessions at the Bric housing facility on Boundary Street in Spring Hill. This session included a sharing circle on a topic related to homelessness and/or drug and alcohol recovery, followed by a shared lunch.


  • Attendees: 20 unique attendees, 10 attended on a regular basis 

  • Increased return attendees from 20% to 80-100% 

  • Over 250 meals provided to date

  • Over 50 micro sessions facilitated

  • A very noticeable increase of referrals to social worker. 

  • Cultural improvements including shared meals, improved attitudes toward Depot, camaraderie amongst the group, clearing of SPER debts, and moving on to more independent housing, as well as health measures.


Residents experienced stretching their comfort zone to share vulnerably about their life experiences, and by showing them what’s possible within their own worldview and treating them with respect they developed more confidence in moving toward these goals.

A member of the team who is both an accredited coach and Nutritionist lead the sessions and organising of meals, further improving the expertise in this area and the ability to provide improved health outcomes. Participants regularly engaged in mindfulness practices, sharing vulnerably, eating meals together, and supporting one another verbally.

We not only saw a huge increase in return attendees, a range of outcomes for those who regularly attend, but received positive feedback from both residents and the wider Bric community and look forward to continuing to support positive change in this setting.

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"The sessions mean a lot to me and the other participants. When the [community day] was on we were all a bit lost without the opportunity to talk and the safe place that you provide. We get a lot of benefit out of it."

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