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Friends of Awakened Lifestyles

Exclusive Opportunity

Thank-you for trusting us with your friends and family. It really is the highest compliment we can receive! 


We believe business should always be a win-win-win for all involved. That’s why we are thrilled to share with you  our ‘friends of awakened’ referral program.

How it Works


When you refer a friend who joins one of our 1:1 programs you receive $1000 cash*.

For using your good name, your friend also gets $1000 OFF the price of their program*.

That’s it! 




We understand, sometimes you just want to do it out of the goodness of your heart. and that’s amazing…


If you’d prefer not to receive payment for the referral you can opt to make a $1000 donation in your name to a charity of your choice OR receive $1500 ‘awakened credit’ to put towards one of our programs for yourself.

Ready to do an intro? 


Simply complete the form below and we will begin the process on our end. 


Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

Alternatively, you do a 3 way intro email directly with Ant or Eve on OR 

Please Know


As a friend of yours, your loved ones will receive the royal treatment from us and can expect exceptional service including intro calls and sessions directly with Eve and Ant themselves.



As you know, the first step in the journey can be the hardest. What can be super helpful is some encouraging words from yourself..


Some FAQ’s that might help you best support your loved ones: 


  • The first step is to just have an intro call. A 15-30min  ‘toe in the water’ so to speak. This is where they can hear all about US including things like pricing, program structure and have all of their questions answered 

  • Our programs are priced between $5500 and $40,000 - We have an option for every budget and payment plans are available

  • In the first instance, they just need to show up. How much they do or don’t share is up to them

  • By reaching out they aren’t committing to anything and have no obligation to join the program. One step at a time

  • It can often be helpful to refer them to our website and social media prior to us contacting them in order to give them a better idea of what we do

  • Check us out: @anthonyinnerwork on instagram, Awakened Lifestyles on FB and 

We are so grateful for your commitment to being a proud inner worker. 


Thank you for supporting us! 

*Please note, the $1000 cash back offer is for new clients joining a 12 month 1:1 coaching program.

*If the fee is discounted, cash back will provided accordingly.

*For clients joining our HPH or other group coaching programs the referral fee and discount is $500 respectively.

*Paid 28 days within the person joining and paying a 20% deposit.  


Should you have any questions please reach out to 

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