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Coaching Academy

Do you have a knowing that you're here to help others? 

Do you want to do meaningful work and get paid well for it? 
Do you want to seriously up-level your existing leadership skills?




Become a qualified Inner Work Coach and make your wishes a reality.


Who this is for:


  • The person who has done some work on themselves and wants to go to the next level

  • The person who feels called to help people and needs a qualification to back them up

  • The person who wants to improve the world by improving their own world (and everyone around them dramatically)

  • The leader/manager wanting to truly be able to get under the bonnet with their people to inspire, support and motivate real change


Why choose an Inner Work coaching certification?


  • Internationally accredited training

  • You can get insured for peace of mind

  • It's broad enough to take on almost all client types and service them long term

What it entails


  • 100 hours of training including 40 hours of in-person instruction, 26 hours online learning, and more

  • Lifetime access to online content to support you as you start coaching clients!


Why this is different


  • Gives you the secrets to true transformation, rather than stock standard coaching questions

  • Understand deeply what makes people tick so you can support them for real change


When is the next round? How much does it cost?


We run 3 intakes of the Academy per year. 

To get specific dates, times and pricing fill out the form below and we can send you an info pack.

Enquire about Coaching Academy and we’ll be in contact shortly.

For enquiries please contact our Director Eve directly on 0406 651 860 for a confidential call and to find out more about pricing and programs.

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