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Corporate Workshops
& Speaking

At Awakened Lifestyles, we create higher powered humans. We do this by supporting our clients to achieve high performance through finding inner peace.


We are a team of qualified Inner Work coaches with varied lived experience and qualifications with a passion for helping others achieve, succeed and feel their best. Our Inner Work Coaching modality is Internationally recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) and supports clients and organisations around the globe to achieve high performance through Inner Peace.

We offer 1:1 coaching programs through our 12 month Immersion, group coaching through our Higher Powered Humans Program, as well as Corporate In-house coaching services including key note, workshops and ongoing retained services. Scroll down for workshop session examples.

If you or your organisation are interested in finding out about our programs and Keynote address or workshops please email 

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Example Corporate Workshop Outline


The Secrets to sustainable high performance in business and life:

  • What does my ‘best day ever’ look like?

  • What is my personal and professional ‘North Star’?

  • Who is the person that successfully achieve this?

  • Build out a personalised framework to live as this person, daily.


Understanding what precisely holds us back from being our best, why and how to let go of inner blocks, stress and self imposed limits:

  • Understanding fear, doubt and insecurity and the role they play in keeping us doing things the hard way

  • How to face fears while honouring ourselves as a way of life

  • Adopting the technically easy, but emotionally difficult right thing as a mindset


Courage to connect:

  • High performance Psychological safety for leaders

  • Letting go of the ‘story’ and connecting with the human for cohesive teams

  • Empowering managers and Revivifying directors: A practical method

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