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12 Month Platinum Immersion

Hello & welcome to the Awakened Lifestyles 12 Month Platinum Immersion! We are so excited to have you on board and we cannot wait to begin this life-changing journey with you!


This is an inner work coaching program for high achievers seeking inner peace and internal fulfillment without giving up external success.


Please complete the below steps today to confirm your placement in the Awakened Lifestyles 12  Month Platinum Immersion program.


What you need to do now:


Your Agreement

Please sign your agreement to secure your first coaching session. Once your agreement has been signed, your coach will be in contact with you to book your sessions in. 


Join the Mighty Network

Once you've signed your agreement, please join us in the Awakened Lifestyles Mighty Network. This is the home of all your online program content to support your coaching sessions on your Inner work journey. This includes pre-recorded videos and coaching webinar replays for you to watch at your own pace. 

You will have access to this for the duration of your program. To get started, please create an account.


We recommend downloading the app too - just make sure you sign in using the same details that you create when you first sign up! 


Please find Immersion Online Program here - we recommend diving in and watching lessons 1-9 in Stage 1 prior to attending your first coaching session. 


We have also created an Immersion Orientation for you. This is where you can get to know the overview of the program better.

PLEASE NOTE: it's really important that you click on each of these links to activate your access to each part of the network!

Please click here for the Awakened Lifestyles Welcome Pack gives you a bit more information on what to expect in your program and what the typical week looks like.


Your new coach will reach out to you shortly to confirm your recurring coaching time, which will be reserved for you for the duration of your program.


In-person sessions are held at our office in Albion (1/30 Argyle St, Albion, 4010). 




Online sessions will be held via Zoom, and your coach will send you the zoom link prior to your first session.


We are committed to providing a safe and private space for you to share openly with your Coach. 


In order for YOU to feel safe to share and feel what is real for you, sessions are to be attended alone (no children or other people are to be present). Our Awakened space does allow for children/others to be in our open area - however, they must be able to be left unattended for the duration of your session. 


Remember - your sessions are ALL ABOUT YOU.


Every week there are group sessions that we invite you to participate in. We find that those who attend these sessions regularly get extraordinary results - including deeper insights and personal reflections that enhance their Inner Work!! 


Monday night InnerFit Sessions at 6:30PM - 7:30PM (QLD time) 

Held online weekly and in person at Awakened Lifestyles HQ on the first Monday of each month. 

See the Events tab in the Mighty Network for the latest online link & info. Password for this session is: 'IWC".


You will need to complete the following today to confirm your placement in the Awakened Lifestyles 12 Month Immersion Platinum program.


We use email to regularly communicate with you throughout your journey with us. This comes from our domain, which means that it's possible that it will land in your junk. To avoid this, please whitelist the following email addresses in your favourite email app:,, and


We'd hate for you to miss out on anything important.

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