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Amplify your abundance, success and love by aligning with what you desire.

A 2-hour ONLINE workshop to completely align yourself with your best life!


In this NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT workshop you will:

Strategise-  Your ultimate life and the person who lives it (you)

Magnetise- Your mindset to powerfully manifest like a magnet

Realise - Your wildest dreams by taking new daily aligned action (you will leave with the how!)


From the desk of Anthony Noud, 

It’s time we brought our latest and most powerful never taught before processes to the public. 


These are all new, proven techniques that synergise high performance “not for public use” psychology, inner work and timeless universal teachings into our most powerful shifts yet. 

Do you have an area(s) of your life that you’re stuck on and can’t seem to unlock? 


Do you know that somehow you are meant to do, be and have more in this life? 


Do you get a sense that you have unrealised potential that you can’t seem to bring into the world?


Do you believe that it is possible to manifest with the universe but can’t seem to fully get it to work? 


If so, I have some good news.


That feeling that no matter how hard you try, (podcasts, books, manifesting techniques)  things are still a bit ‘off’…


You might have even observed that other people, no smarter than you, seem to be able to get what you want… 

but for you, It’s like something is missing, perhaps blocking you from the success you want… and deep down know is possible.


The good news is there is only ONE problem here. You ready? 


In a sentence, you are out of alignment.


That is, there is a person inside of you who is meant to be living the vision you have for yourself

but the person you are today, quite simply isn’t that person

you don’t identify as the person who has the things that the person you want to be has

you don’t have the habits or behaviours built into your life that they have

you don’t make the choices or decisions that the person you wanna be does

and this sucks. 

Because if you’re like the few thousand people we’ve now helped in this arena, it’s not for lack of trying! 

I know you’d probably tell me  “BUT I’M DOING THE THINGS!”

and if there was a prize for ‘wanting it bad enough’, you’d be a frontrunner for receiving it 

and I get it, because I used to say the exact same stuff. 

The trouble is, the facts don’t lie. 

You know you’re capable and meant for more. It’s just not showing up. 

and the truth is, if you keep doing what you’re doing it probably won’t show up.

Which means you will join the rest of the majority who don’t reach their potential

and are left constantly waiting for life to get good once things change…

SO… you have 2 options:

1- Stay on the hamster wheel, making painfully slow progress and remain at the middle of the pack


2- You can come to our Alignment Experience and unlock your ultimate abundance! 

Whether it’s health, wealth, relationships or something else... 



Part I: Strategise your ultimate life and the person who lives it. 

  • Define your ideal life and the person who lives it, following the methods normally reserved for our VIP clients

  • Gain clarity on what you want and need in order to feel you’re living as your best self

  • Acquire a new understanding of WHO you need to be in order to begin living it 

  • Devise a step by step plan for what you need to DO in order to start immediately

Part II: Magnetise your mindset to powerfully manifest like a magnet

  • Learn how to manifest in a way that actually works! 

  • Uncover what  being IN alignment means in your life

  • Gain insight into the areas of self which are out of alignment

  • Unlock 

Part III: Realise and amplify your abundance, success and love 

  • Learn techniques to keep you ‘in flow’ when you find yourself straying

  • Create a bespoke daily practice to support your process

  • Leave with a daily action plan that will get you to your goals

  • Begin doing the daily sets and reps that the person you wanna be does!


Trent Keirnan-1_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 9.04.51 am.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 9.15.25 am.png

Trent Kiernan
Director, Azure Property

Lucy Henry-Hicks
Owner & Director, DISSH

Sharnie Louise
Owner, Sharnie Louise Fitness

Matt Colwell
Rapper, 360

What you WILL get from this experience

  • An understand of exactly what has been holding you back from leveling up in your life

  • A ‘mindset shift’ that will unlock your potential, inside of 2 hours (if you’re open to it!) 

  • A crystal clear vision of the ladder to your ideal life (completed by you, during the workshop)

  • Walk away with a plan to enact immediately, not just a fluffy feel good

What you WON’T get

  • You won’t be left wondering ‘does this technique actually work’, you will know

  • A hardcore sales pitch at the end (there is no sales pitch at the end of this event)

  • A boring lecture where you’re stuck watching slide after slide wondering if it’s going to go anywhere

What makes the Alignment Experience different? 

“Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 hours sharpening the Axe” - Abraham lincoln

Most ‘personal development’ is based around pumping you up and telling you to work harder, smarter AND faster. Usually in some ‘new’ but ultimately unoriginal way.  They might tell you to throw in some journaling, gratitude and meditation to go with it so you feel good while you hustle your way toward burnout making *some* progress, but still not ever feeling like you breakthrough. 

Have you ever seen someone skyrocket to success almost overnight? It’s like the stars align and they build an incredible momentum.  It’s inspiring to watch, but leaves most wondering how on earth they did it. 

It’s not magic- it’s what we call being in alignment. 

Getting into alignment is the most high value thing you can do. It’s the difference between trying to pedal a bike with the brakes on VS getting into a slipstream and being pulled toward your destination. 

Most ‘manifestation’ teaches us to ‘feel the success’ you want to have…. which helps, no doubt.

Most personal development tells us to ‘build habits’ that lead to future success… which is also important


Most therapy tells us we need to ‘unpack’ all the reasons we stay stuck in negative patterns… which can give some relief.

THE TROUBLE IS… ALL of these methods assume that we still AREN’T the person that we want to be.. so they inevitably have us forever believing we need to change more about ourselves in order to ‘get there’, before again moving the goal posts on ourselves.

ALL of these methods have us fighting against OURSELVES. Constantly trying to change. 

Getting into alignment is pretty much the polar opposite. 

Instead of trying to fight against parts of yourself we will teach you how to let go of all the parts that aren’t headed toward your dream life


Instead of trying to build the habits of someone else we heard on a podcast, how about we implement only those necessary to be who you need to be 

Instead of just ‘visualising’ your future self, what if you just started doing the things your future self did to get there, today? 

Getting into alignment flies directly in the face of the ‘hustle culture’ made so popular on social media. 



What getting into alignment is NOT about

  • Changing who you are at your core or giving up things that matter to you

  • A manifesting ‘technique’ that leaves you wondering if it even works

  • Forcing yourself to use willpower in an effort to ‘change your life’ pfft…! 

What getting into alignment IS about

  • Getting *crystal clear* on who you need to be and what you need to do in a measurable, structured way

  • Freeing up precious time and energy by saying NO to the people, places and things which aren’t meant for you

  • Leveraging universal (and scientific) truths to achieve momentum and that ‘I’m on a roll’ feeling

“It’s about aligning your life force energy with your dream life and systemising a lifestyle around this.”

How does it work? 

We combine:

The best of ‘high performance psychology’  ie; how to transform humans quickly 


Timeless spiritual teachings ie; how to get in flow and co-create with the universe


The latest in neuroscientific discovery ie; how to leverage the body & mind for confidence, happiness, abundance and better relationships, 


Systemised structure, accountability and process  ie; how to actually apply it in your life sustainably 

Will this 2 hours be worth my time? 


Let me be clear: 

This is not a sales event. We hate them too. 

This is a practical workshop in the true sense of the word. You will be doing the work on yourself during the event. 

You will leave with a very clear and specific step by step map to achieving your best self by December 31st, this year! 

Ask yourself: Is it worth 2 hours of my time to unlock my inner roadblocks and ensure this the best year I’ve ever had? You tell me.



The intention behind this event is simple


Give you SO MUCH value and insight (for free) that you leave feeling like you’re on track in a way you’ve never been before

Why would we do that? 

Because we believe in the universal law of reciprocity. We know that by putting out good stuff and serving you with stuff that works, you will tell your friends about it (or they’ll ask you!) when it does.


You just get it and you decide that you must have us in your life moving forward. 

Either way, this heavily incentivises US to make sure we give you nothing but the absolute best we can in a 2 hour period.



What makes Awakened Lifestyles different? 

Personal development and Mindset coaches are everywhere these days. You probably see posts every day from coaches or programs promising to change your life in ‘3 easy steps’

The big question is, how many of them have actually proven themselves? 

The truth is, the vast majority of ‘coaches’ fit into two categories: 

1- They are working from their bedroom, with a handful of clients (at most), wondering if they are ever going to make it as a coach. They often have their heart in the right place, but does this person really have the answers? or are they in the same place as you, trying to figure their own success out?  



2- They have achieved success and status in another area of their life, (usually some sort of business) and are now leveraging their audience to make more money (off you!) as a coach. Don’t get me wrong, *some * of this crowd are legit… but if you really own the Lamborghini and are financially free, why are you trying so hard to get me to buy something from you? If it feels like a sales pitch, it usually is.


At Awakened Lifestyles 

We’ve been around in varying degrees for almost 15 years. 

We have a team of coaches who literally sit in 1:1 sessions with clients for thousands of hours each year. 

  • We’ve created our own internationally accredited inner-work modality- we train the coaches most people go to

  • We’ve come from the bottom, no handouts, no transposed fame, we know every intimate step to success because we’ve done it ourselves! 

  • This is what we live for. This is our purpose first and business second

  • Over 50 5 Star google reviews (and nothing other than 5 star reviews) 

  • We work with industry leaders




Trent Keirnan-1_edited.jpg

Trent Kiernan
Director, Azure Property


During our most recent Managers corporate retreat we invited Ant to come and run a session on assisting them to work more collaboratively and effectively as a team. He did this and so much more.


Ant’s ability to “connect” with my board and each and every manager on a deeper level left them inspired, invigorated and with a deeper connection with each other. His ability to help people understand the “inner blocks” that hold them back from being their best and to provide actionable, practical solutions to foster a team of higher powered humans that take radical self-responsibility is second to none.


Ant is the real deal in every way and we look forward to his ongoing involvement across our organisation.

Deanna Keating
Senior Partner, Executive Quarter


If we are how we lead, then we need to know ourselves to show ourselves and lead in an effective way that speaks to people. Inner Work is being smarter with our own feelings and emotions so we can be smarter with other people's feelings and emotions. Inner Work for Corporates removes fear based living and the roadblocks that can be in the way of achieving what you want to achieve in your career and leadership. This work is imperative for leaders and executives.

Jonathan Grant
CCO/Co-Founder, Paypa Plane

I was struggling to find life balance and didn’t realise the impact it was having on me and those around me. I wasn’t giving myself the opportunity to be my very best version and I wasn’t happy. If balance is key then I was failing… Simply, my priorities weren’t right. 


Working with Awakened Lifestyles has become the most reliable framework and foundation upon which I can build a better me. It has helped me to find genuine balance and hasn’t led me to any unhealthy behaviours. I am now more honest with myself and more self-aware than I was before. 


How much does it cost? 

This event is 100% FREE 

When and where is it? 

It’s run ONLINE on Tuesday the 19th March at 645pm AEST QLD time ( 745pm for those on daylight savings).  It runs for 2hours

Is it going to be another boring zoom? 

NO! We’ve heavily invested in tech and have been running online programs for over a decade. This is NOT your average chump presenting from their bedroom on a zoom call. Expect a world class experience. 

What should I wear? 

Whatever you like. We won’t have your cameras on so you can truly relax and just absorb the content. 

Who will be there? 

Ant, Eve, our Awakened Lifestyles team and *maybe* some special guests! 

What will it be like? 

It will be run workshop style- You will definitely need to be able to take notes. You will also need to be in a quiet space where we can take you through some mindset processes. 

This is *NOT* for the person who thinks they’ll ‘just have a listen’ while going for a walk or driving. If you’re in, you’re in.

Can I bring a friend? 

Absolutely - as long as we have spaces still available. They will need to register separately via the link so we can email them their own materials after the event. 

Will it be recorded? 

Yes. But due to the nature of the IP being shared and the privacy of those attending this will not be shared after the event. 

What type of people can I expect at this event? 

There will be other A-Players who want a greater edge, people who want to unlock their true potential, people who desperately want change but also doubt it’s possible for them.  You will see inspirational people who have achieved great things, and also people who might be a few steps behind you but want great change themselves. Anyone who knows there is something inside holding them back (and ready to unlock that) is welcome! 

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